Malcolm Delaney 20 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/22/2017)

If I’m a Thunder fan, which I’m not (my username would be xXWestbrookGeorgeAnthony_2017_ChampionshipXx if that were the case), I’d be pissed off that Malcolm Delaney hit four three-pointers against my team. Remember, Delaney is the dude who, last year, had an unbelievably wet midrange jumper but also had a shooting range which stopped hard at the three point line. He shot 24% from three last season, and he took 110 attempts out there so it wasn’t a situation of low volume. Delaney was just a straight up bricklayer from three. The only player who took over 100 attempts and shot worse was Corey Brewer (shout out to Andre Roberson, Wes Johnson, and Evan Turner, who also really sucked).

This year, Delaney is a credible three-point threat, but that only salves the sting a little bit for Thunder fans, who probably expected a blowout win to go along with an 8/4/2 line from Delaney. However, in Schröder’s absence, Delaney stepped up and proved that he not only is a semi-competent backup point guard, but that he can successfully play off-ball as well. Bayern Munich represent.

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