Bogdan Bogdanovic 16 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

Bogdan Bogdanovic has now been fully unleashed in a way we had only seen tantalizing glimpses of: Point-Bogey!

Is it any coincidince that this concept finally gets utilized and, in the very same game, the Kings stomp all over LeBrick Shames and the Cavaliers? Some credit has to go to Vince Carter and his turning back of the hands of time, but Bogdanovic played his part in a major way.

It even appears that some of Vince is rubbing off on Bogdanovic. Not the dunking part, obviously, because that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t just rub off onto people, but the swaggy stepback threes are definitely Vince-esque. This kind of confidence from a rookie is great to see, even if it is an older rookie who already knows all about how to kick butt in Europe.

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