Jamal Murray 31 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2017)

There was a time, early last year, when I considered Jamal Murray and Dejounte Murray to be roughly equivalent players, and I actually confused them for each other a couple times. Go ahead and laugh. They both started off so slowly, I had no way of determining their talent levels. That’s the only way I can tell the difference between players, is what they do in game. Jamal broke out of his slump (in Dejounte’s case it was “being on the Spurs”) a lot quicker than Dejounte, and has been the clearly superior player ever since.

He’s even more superior this year, averaging 15 points and looking like the offensive weapon he was touted as coming out of college. I still think that his three-pointers should go in way more than they do considering how good they look off his hand; he only hit one tonight, even though he scored a tons of points. If he combines what he did inside the arc with some additional long-range bombs, he can totally score 40. Totally.

Oh yeah, and the Nuggets choked a big league partly because he couldn’t do anything in the third quarter. Makes up for the fact that he was the one who got them the lead in the first place.

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