Steven Adams 23 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2018)

Sometimes I wonder who really is the star on the Thunder and who are the overpaid big-ego roleplayers. I think listing the statlines of all the starters might elucidate matters somewhat.

Paul “Really Prefers LA” George: 15 points, 4-of-16 shooting
Russell “Got the Triple-Double so Who Cares” Westbrook: 7-of-21 shooting, 14 ballhog assists, 10 statpad rebounds
Carmelo “Athletic Decline” Anthony: 13 points, 6-of-16 shooting
Terrance “One-Hit Wonder” Ferguson: 2 points, 0-of-1 shooting in ten minutes
Steven “Top Five Center” Adams: 23 points, 8-of-13 shooting, 12 rebounds that he had to steal from teammates because they were statpadding so hard to get them

If I knew how to use that thinking emoji that everybody seems to use all over the internet, I would totally put it here, but I don’t know how to make emojies with a computer keyboard.

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