Treveon Graham 15 Points Full Highlights (2/4/2018)

I’m really, really sorry that I forgot to do a vid for Treveon “Telegraham” Graham scoring 14 a couple games ago. I was going to, but since I don’t believe in to-do lists or even the general concept of a list (lists are too… linear for me), I forgot. That is absolutely, totally, 99 percent my bad, the other 1 percent of blame going to Steve Jobs.

Hopefully this video makes up for my failings. It’s one more point than the unmade one! It represents a career-high for Graham, who is an elite three-point shooter apparently! I’m rewatching it right now, and I’m pretty sure that it more than makes up for not only the missing Graham video, but also that time I didn’t showcase Viacheslav Kravtsov scoring 14.

That one was weighing on me for a long time, but now I can breathe a sigh of relief, and of freedom.

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