Clint Capela 18 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (2/6/2018)

Well, I already made the entire video so I might as well upload it, but I just want to warn everybody that this video is a total waste of time. Why, you ask? Because Clint Capela only dunks it one time. Maybe if you’re one of those sick perverts who likes watching Capela attempt rudimentary post moves, you’ll like this video. Or if you enjoy watching blocked shots, which aren’t even a good indicator of defensive impact. But if you’re like us normal people and you just want to see Capela throw down lobs from Harden and CP3 all game, then you should just leave after you finish reading this paragraph and never return.

For the sickos that remain: do you feel good knowing that society reviles you? That any person with morals absolutely is repulsed by your fetishistic desires to watch Capela post people up? If you load up your favorite pornographic “tube” site, you won’t even find a section for Clint Capela post moves. There’s all sorts of weird categories there, but none for Capela. You know why? Because even the peddlers of pornography won’t stoop so low as to provide such degrading, sick, and deviant content.

Frankly, this footage should be illegal. That’s just one man’s opinion but you know that society at large agrees with me on this one.

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