Tyler Dorsey 10 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/6/2018)

I’m not sure how the Hawks blew out the Grizzlies by 26 points, but they did it, thereby strengthening the Grizzlies’ tank while damaging their own. Tyler “Best Dorsey in NBA History” Dorsey played his own small role in the domination by having maybe the second-best game of his rookie season (or first-best, depending on how much you value assists and whether or not you think that second pass to Collins should have been an assist [it shouldn’t have]).

What I’m also not sure about is how the Hawks’ TV broadcast people could screw up so badly as to not show a replay of his alley-oop dunk. It’s well-known that those morons would rather show random fans pretending to be excited for the camera, random shots of the dance team standing in the tunnel while awkwardly dancing, and random “bench reaction” shots where everybody is just sort of sitting there, but this is beyond that expected level of moronity. We’re talking about Tyler Dorsey here. Tyler Dorsey. He’s not a short guy but he’s not a tall guy either. This might be his only alley-oop dunk of the season. To not provide a replay of the occasion goes beyond stupid; it’s straight-up insulting. I’m insulted right now. And I bet Dorsey is too.

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