J.R. Smith 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/13/2018)

TNT has tried to sabotage my videos in the past by providing poor camera angles on shots, or by failing to provide adequate replays, or by coating their broadcasts with a thick layer of commentarial incompetence that no amount of creative editing can overcome. However, this latest attack on my ability to make highlight videos is their most brazen yet.

Instead of showing game action while J.R. Smith was making a three-point shot, the TNT broadcast crew decided they should a graphic with some stats on it instead. I wasn’t born in a barn. I know this action was deliberate. They purposefully degraded the quality of their broadcast in order to make my job impossible – or so they thought.

Through an error in cameraman directives, the arena’s jumbotron could still be seen above the top of the interfering graphic. Just enough of it was visible to allow me to use the jumbotron footage in lieu of the real footage that was denied me. You can see the shot go up, you can see the shot go in, and you can see Smith running back after the make – that’s enough for my purposes. The video, while perhaps somewhat sub-par, is complete; it fulfills the definition of “full highlights”.

TNT tried to break me, but they failed, and I have emerged stronger than ever before.

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