Tyler Zeller 14 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2018)

Everyone seems to think that Tyler Zeller sucks, and maybe he does, but when he comes in for Thon Maker, the difference is staggering. He can catch a pass, for one thing. He can grab rebounds. Having good hands is an underrated aspect of being a useable big in the NBA, Maker doesn’t have them, and Zeller does.

The Bucks don’t really run pick-and-rolls, unlike literally every other team in the league, which sucks for Zeller because it seems like that’s what he’s good at. He might be starting to figure out how he can score in other ways, as he scored 14 tonight, including a jumper. That jumper made Maker obsolete as soon as it swished the net, I think.

On a sadder note, this might spell the end of Marshall Plumlee’s minutes. He was another guy who impressed me with his ability to actually go up there and frickin’ grab a rebound strongly without losing it or bopping it off his hands.

P.S. I still think Rashad Vaughn has potential, please somebody pick him up so he can prove me right and the haters wrong please please.

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