Ian Mahinmi 17 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/14/2018)

Big shout-out goes to Ian Mahinmi for raising his free-throw percentage to a blistering 73 percent after being a sub-60 percent shooter the last few years. Everyone talks about Andre Drummond transforming into a way better player because of his improved foul shooting, but no one is speaking the same way about Mahinmi.

Neither are they, as far as I can sense, saying anything at all about him. He’s a solid backup center for a solid playoff team, but he flies completely under the radar. I’m trying to do my part and get him some exposure, but it isn’t working. The official NBA channel could post a career highlights compilation of him and it would still only get 500 or so views.

I would like to inject as an aside that the Spurs had this dude and didn’t even want him. I’m tired of this myth that they are infallible when it comes to developing players, and I’m going to take it down one player at a time. Next up: Jamychal Green.

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