Isaiah Taylor 13 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/14/2018)

Good news is, I eventually noticed that Isaiah Taylor had 13 points and 7 assists (way more than enough for highlights). Bad news is, I noticed too late for anyone to care anymore. The next day’s worth of games is about to start, no one cared about this Hawks-Pistons matchup in the first place, and Taylor is so marginal that the only fans of his are carryovers from his (presumably badass) college days.

We saw a lot of marginal talent getting big minutes for the Hawks in this one. And I imagine that that’s what we’re going to see moving forward. As has been noted, the tank standings are very close right now, and the teams down there can’t really afford to keep playing their good players. Maybe one or two at a time, at most, otherwise, it has to all be D-Leaguers and random washed-up veterans.

With that being the case I bet we’re gonna see a 20/10 game from Taylor before the season is out. I’m pumped.

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