Steven Adams 18 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2018)

The Thunder needed some last-second heroics by Russell Westbrook to beat the Kings, and I don’t even know how that happened given that the Thunder have four players who are indisputably better than the Kings’ best player, who is either Zach Randolph, Bogdan Bogdanovic, or Buddy Hield. It’s even more confusing because the Thunder’s “Trio of Chuck” all had good individual games, plus Steven “The Ringo Starr of the Thunder” Adams put in his usual efficient scoring effort. Looking at the box-score it seems like the Kings should have lost by twenty. Did having my channel deleted cause me to lose my ability to interpret and manipulate numbers?

All I know is that the Steven Adams dunkilation will be half “awesome lobs and other power slams” and half “weak gimmes under the basket” this season. I also know that his jumperilation will not exist because every time the play-by-play data alleges he made a jumpshot, it’s just a floater or a hook shot. Third thing I know: if any player deserves a box-outilation, it’s the Big Kiwi, but I don’t think I’ll make one unless I’m really desperate for those gimmick views.

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