Frank Kaminsky 23 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/23/2018)

I’m wondering right now how many rules would be violated if Frank Kaminsky waved goodbye to the NBA and returned to Wisconsin full-time. He’s been an okay NBA player, even if the Hornets kinda messed up in selecting him, but I’m sure he would be an unstoppable Kareem-like force if he could just convince the NCAA to give him some more eligibility.

One problem is that his jersey just got retired over the All-Star break, so they’d either have to unretire it or find him a new number. That shouldn’t be so hard. That’s not the main problem.

The main problem is that the NCAA are a bunch of disgrunted curmudgeons who don’t even want the funness of their league to be increased by the addition of a 24-year-old savvy veteran who can dominate from inside and also the outside. Kaminsky was a four-year college player, no redshirts or anything, and I’m pretty sure the NCAA doesn’t let dudes like that play again.

I think the Hornets might be stuck with him for now. I can’t tell if their fans like him or not, but either way, he’s not going anywhere for at least another few months.

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