Dario Saric 21 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2018)

Dario “Saricophagus” Saric’s passing ability, however great it is, has fallen by the wayside. Ben Simmons gets to do the passing now. Him and sometimes T.J. McConnell, but mostly Simmons. The team exists to make him and Embiid look good, basically (gotta justify the blatant multi-year tankjob), so that means not as much messing around with the ball for Saric. Too bad. His assists aren’t actually down this year, probably because he has competent teammates now, but his usage percentage is.

If he turns into a spot-up shooter I’m going to be so mad. This game was too close to that. Look at all those threes! He’s shooting very well on them, almost too well. He’s only a few more leaps in that department from turning into a taller and Croatian J.J. Redick.

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