Greg Monroe 18 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2018)

Sometimes I wish the Bucks still had Greg Monroe, even if only to prevent Thon Maker from ever seeing the court. Eric Bledsoe, the guy they got for him, is probably a better player, sure, but the Bucks’ center woes would be helped by having a guy like Monroe using his big body to do things.

But in the end, his style of play isn’t helping anybody win anything these days, and his role on the Celtics reflects that. Al Horford is an All-Star, and he shouldn’t be, but he can stretch the defense and make plays and all that stuff. Monroe can do fancy post moves and also sometimes make layups. That’s it. Maybe a midrange jumper or two.

I’m happy that he’s found a home where he can play for a good team and not worry about getting traded all the time. I hope Celtics fans like him, because Bucks fans certainly didn’t by the end of his tenure. He was made a scapegoat, when it turned out the real problem was Jason Kidd the whole time.

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