Frank Mason 16 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/7/2018)

Frank Mason is in the odd position of shooting better from three on the year than he is from two. There are scant few players (who play actual minutes) who he shares this attribute with, players like Mirza Teletovic (I can totally believe that), Justise Winslow (what), and Lance Thomas (where are all the Lance Thomas nuthuggers its like they disappeared where did they go).

Small sample sizes are a thing, but while they’re this small, I see no reason why Mason should ever venture inside the arc at all. Unless it’s to make a pass. Other than that, just let it fly from deep until either it turns out that he isn’t a 40 percent three-baller, or it turns out that he is basically Stephen Curry 0.7.5alpha2.

Something happened to De’Aaron Fox tonight, which either sucks or is awesome depending on your Kings PG allegiance. In either case, it meant Mason got a bunch of minutes tonight, and he did some stuff with them. Most of his assists were to Labissiere for midrange pops, so those were lame, but he had some nice buckets that are the whole reason for this vid.

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