Sterling Brown 15 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2018)

Sterling “Sterling Silver Money” Brown, aside from his nickname being a work in progress, is performing nicely for the Bucks this season. His stats are wholly underwhelming, so people who don’t watch the Bucks all the time might not understand what I’m getting at here, but he passes the “doesn’t make me want to kill myself” test.

Basically, what that test is, is if a player checks into a game and I suddenly get intrusive suicidal thoughts that means they fail the test. Brown doesn’t do that. Like any rookie, he makes dumb plays sometimes, but his overall level of play is such that I’m fine when he’s in the game. Unlike Thon maker, who most definitely does NOT pass the test.

The Bucks keep hitting on their secound-round picks, first Malcolm Brogdon, and now Brown to a limited extent (how many second-rounders are playable? not that many), so they’d be in pretty good shape if they didn’t draft a bust in the first round for three straight years. No one’s talking about it, because Giannis cures all ills, but Vaughn, Maker, and Wilson are a three-headed dog of poopy garbage.

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