JaVale McGee 13 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (3/8/2018)

So Stephen Curry sprained his ankle, which isn’t good news, but what IS good news is that the Draymond Green-JaVale McGee lob connection can replace most of the production that you lose when Curry is out. Steve Kerr just has to make a point of running those plays again and again until the other team is so demoralized by their inability to stop the lobs that they just give up and stand there.

You think I’m joking right now? If McGee had played more of this game after the third quarter, he could have ended up with eighteen or twenty points. Curry’s only averaging, like, what, 27 PPG this season? As I said, McGee can pick up the slack as long as you let him and his teammates are hitting him for easy dunks. Not to mention the points he saves you by blocking fifty to seventy-five percent of the opposing team’s field goal attempts at the rim.

Yeah. The Warriors will be just fine until Curry gets back.

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