Garrett Temple 23 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2018)

When deciding whether or not to watch this video, keep in mind that 23 points would have tied a career-high in points for Garrett Temple if he had not scored 34 points earlier this season against this same team. Also keep in mind that the video depicting his 34 points has been deleted now, so when it comes to DTB-provided highlights of everybody’s favorite and most beloved middling veteran, this is all you get.

Even with all those reasons to watch this video, I expect nobody to watch it, because 1.) It’s Garrett Temple, 2.) It’s the Kings, and 3.) It’s Garrett Temple (this point might be similar to point #1). Even when he’s on fire and hitting shots in every way imaginable, it doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything exciting. I actually think it’s impossible for Temple to step on the basketball court and do an exciting thing. If he could actually do a 360 dunk in-game, he would somehow make it lame and boring. That’s the Garrett Temple curse.

You know what the DTB curse is? Microwaving a delicious breakfast-themed Hot Pocket and then burning your mouth on the delicious filling and then burning your fingers too when you try to scoop out the burning filling with your fingers. Japurri is currently transcribing this description for me because I essentially amputated all my fingers, he’s a good kitty.

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