Kosta Koufos 18 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2018)

With the Kings’ waivement of Georgios Papagiannis in order to retain Brunco Caboclo, the era of the Greek Twin Towers in Sacramento has officially come to an end. Kosta Koufos is still there, holding up his end of the bargain by being a Greek Tower, but there are no other Greek Towers in Sacramento for him to share the court with. Thus, the end of an era. It was a pretty crappy era, but it was an era nonetheless.

Honestly, now that it’s over and I can take a more pragmatic view on it, the Greek Twin Towers concept was doomed from the start. Koufos and Papagiannis just didn’t have complementary playstyles. Koufos can sort of be a power forward, but in today’s game that means shooting the ball, and Koufos doesn’t really do that. And in that Greek Twin Towers lineup you can’t play Papa-G at PF because he’s too slow. Basically, the Greek Twin Towers tandem would have been like the Anthony Davis-DeMarcus Cousins tandem in New Orleans, except 1,000 times worse and with way less floor spacing, skill, and headbands.

That gets me thinking: when is the Koufos era going to end in Sacramento? It has to be soon, right?

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