Wilson Chandler 26 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2018)

Does anybody else get creeped out by the tattoo of a baby’s face that Wilson Chandler has on his neck? I get that it’s probably his daughter or son or maybe even just his own one-year-old likeness, but it looks creepy when it’s peeking out the neck of his jersey like that. Like a horror movie where the dude develops a parasitic twin of himself that’s evil and possessed by demons and stuff. That’s what Chandler’s tattoo reminds me of. The rest of his tattoos are fine but that one gives me the heebie jeebies.

Unwise body art decisions not withstanding, Chandler had perhaps his best game of the season with a neat 26/10/4 line, which is a line that you could imagine LeBron getting sometimes. Chandler’s scoring and shot-taking have been way down this season, probably for the better (Harris + Murray + Jokic all need the shots more than Chandler does), but he’s got a $12 million player option next season so that’s the season that really matters for him in terms of playing for his next contract. Next season I fully expect to see the 13 FGA/game version of Chandler and not the wimpy, watered-down 8 FGA/game version.

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