Wayne Ellington 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/14/2018)

Wayne Ellington really disappointed me in the three-point shootout. I was hyping him up to everyone who would listen (which was basically nobody but hey at least I was trying) and then he went out and pooped his pants in front of everybody. Anything less than a victory for the Waynemaker was unacceptable. Maybe if they had him coming off screens he would’ve done better? I don’t know, but now it’s over, and since then, he hasn’t been nearly as good from three.

Good. If he’s going to go out there and not even win the three-point shootout, then I don’t want him anymore. Turn him into a Kobe impersonator like what happened with Khris Middleton when he choked in the shootout. Or turn him into a Shaq impersonator for the laughs. I don’t care.

Even with his recent slumpage, he’s still made the 7th most threes in the NBA this season, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. It’s too bad I’m totally done with him otherwise his three-ilation would be super-duper sick.

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