Dario Saric 21 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2018)

I might have to start setting my standards higher for Dario Saric; he just keeps getting better! He started off the year pretty terribly, but things have improved drastically since then and now he’s a legit third banana behind Embiid and Simmons. That’s a big three right there if I’m not mistaken, a big three that is going to the playoffs in their first/second years in the league. Who even needs Markelle Fultz? If it wasn’t for all those leaked vids of his borked jumper, I’d have forgotten entirely about his existence by this point.

I still think it’s sad that Saric had to choose this year to be really good instead of last year. Last year, if he was this good, he would’ve been undisputed ROY of the Year and gotten to do whatever he wanted on the court. There was no Simmons, there was hardly any Embiid, just a bunch of scrubs and him, ready to score 18 points per game with a bunch of assists thrown in there. What could have been.

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