Jamal Murray 26 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2018)

Okay. This “Blue Arrow” nickname for Jamal Murray just isn’t working out. I don’t care if he likes it or not. The Nuggets don’t wear blue normally, for one thing. That’s the first problem. The other problem is that it doesn’t make sense. “Arrow”? If anything, he’s the bow, and the basketball is the arrow.

His real nickname is “Maple Curry”. Unlike “Maple Jordan” (Andrew Wiggins), Murray is sure to live up to the standards set by the nickname. Namely, that he’s a Canadian version of Stephen Curry, and like all Canadian-made things compared to their American counterparts, he’s about 60 percent as good. And before you Canadophiles get all uppity about my true fact statement, keep in mind that I’ve had maple syrup from right here in Wisconsin that kicked the crap out of your maple syrup.

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