Jamal Crawford 20 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

Jamal Crawford just had a REVENGE GAME against his team of the past few seasons, the Los Angeles Clippers. This was basically him telling Doc Rivers to his face, “I don’t need DeNoFreeThrows Jordan, Blake Griffinefficient, or Christine Paulina to get me to the second round in the West – I can do it with my new squad”. And then Doc Rivers goes back to the team bus and cries all by himself because the team of superstars he assembled has crumbled to dust.

Crawford’s not as vital a component of this team as he was on those Clippers teams (although I will maintain until I die/stop caring anymore that Crawford was overrated and overplayed his entire time there), so the REVENGE is slightly less vengeful, but I think twenty points counts as a heavy dose of REVENGE no matter how you look at it.

Question for discussion: how long would Crawford’s body last if Thibs played him forty minutes a game like he seems to want to do with all his starters? A week? A month? Two months?

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