Sean Kilpatrick 15 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

It’s so easy to forget that Sean “$ean$wag” Kilpatrick averaged 13 points per game last season. It might have been the least impactful 13 ppg ever in the history of all things, but he did it, and that takes skill. That skill, presumably, is still there to some degree, so why is he scrounging around for 10-day contracts just a year later?

If you were expecting me to have an answer, well, I don’t. I guess because his main skill seems to be “shot taking” rather than “shot making”? He’s definitely willing to shoot the ball. That was a good thing for the Nets last year, who just wanted people to go out there and run around and do stuff while they waited the whole 82 games for the season to end. But if that’s all you offer, there are lots of players with maybe more potential who can also do that.

Another problem, that I’ve mentioned before, is that he doesn’t appear to have full control over the distance of his shots. Lots of bad misses. Those don’t show up in this vid, though, because these are highlights, not completelights. If you like $ean$wag getting buckets and think him scoring 38 that one time is the greatest happening to ever happen, this should provide you about half of the enjoyment.

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