Quinn Cook 17 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/25/2018)

Right now I’m feeling sad because Quinn Cook is hitting all these pull-up midrange jimbos and they’re very aesthetic in quality and he would be a perfect subject for a midrange-ilation, but he’s only been getting consistent minutes within which to hit these shots for, like, fifteen games. If he had been doing this all season, the resulting midrange-ilation would be high-quality and, honestly, moderately arousing. A pull-up jumper that rivals Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving, but executed by a lowly scrub? That’s the recipe for DTB complation success.

I blame Steve Kerr for continuing to play the declining Shaun Livingston over Quinn Cook who can hit the same midrange jumpers that Livingston can but doesn’t have reconstructed knees made out of flesh scraps collected from the morgue. I also blame Cook himself for not checking himself into games when it was obvious that Kerr didn’t want to. Stephen Curry could receive additional blame because he didn’t get injured soon enough, but I think I would rather have a healthy Curry than a 15-minute-long midrange jumper compilation video, so I actually don’t blame Curry for this one.

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