Lauri Markkanen 22 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2018)

Lauri “White Kevin Durant” Markkanen scored 14 straight points for the Bulls to (almost) start the game. With James Harden out for the Rockets, would the Bulls pull off the upset? Spoiler alert: they wouldn’t. The game became a laughable blowout very quickly, but it would’ve been even quicker if Markkanen didn’t dominate smaller Houston players who switched on to him. No double-teams? I guess the Rockets figured they’d let him do what he wanted knowing that he couldn’t beat them by himself.

When Markkanen next scored after that quick start, the Bulls were down by 40, almost getting doubled-up, and everyone in Chicago had turned off their TVs/closed their streams/thrown their mobile device against a wall. He ended up with 22, but considering the outcome of the game, that doesn’t seem like enough.

Also: it was nice to Sean Kilpatrick score 12 points in his debut for his fourth (!!!!) team this season. I don’t know if highlights are going to happen, and I just wanted to make sure people knew about this wonderful occurrence.

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