Jordan Clarkson 23 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

If the Cavaliers make the Finals again, I’m not going to be down with that. Why even play the season if LeBron is just going to make it no matter what random assortment of players is surrounding him? No, this is the year I want some change. Something different.

I can’t even tell if they’re looking better after their huge shakeup. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I’m leaning towards an overall positive impact from their newcomers, but it could just be LeBron beasting harder than ever. He’s certainly doing that, at least.

Jordan Clarkson hasn’t been the scorer he was in Los Angeles, but he still provides a great spark off the bench even if he doesn’t get to chuck as much as before. And the most important thing for playing with LeBron: his three-point percentage is way up. If you can’t shoot threes as a wing, LeBron doesn’t want you. Remember how he got rid of DeAndre Liggins? That would be Clarkson except he’s shooting nearly 40 percent from deep with his new team.

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