2017-18 Season All Dunks Full Highlights (2017-18 Season Dunkilation Part I)

While other highlight channels are content to churn out the same bland, uninspired highlight videos covering the same overused highlight tropes, DownToBuck is fighting on the front lines of innovation to introduce ground-breaking advancements in the realm of NBA highlight videos. The common highlight video is mass-produced drivel designed solely to be consumed by, but not sate the intellectual hunger of, a viewership that does not know that there could be a better way; only one channel has tirelessly worked to upend the prevailing highlights paradigm, and that channel is DownToBuck.

Allow me, then, to present DownToBuck’s latest grand creation, a creation which could only have been conceived of and created by the most visionary of minds: part one of the 2017-18 Season Full Dunkilation. True highlight connoisseurs will have already, from the provided information, deduced the contents of this video, but for the rest of the highlight-viewing populace, who know nothing but the mindless lapping up of Kevin Durant and LeBron James highlights, a proper description will be given. This video series will show every single dunk that happens in the NBA this season. Not just the best dunks, or the dunks made by a single player, but all dunks. A full dunkilation.

Some people might view this goal with incredulity. They might not believe that such an ambitious goal could ever be reached. Those are the people who themselves lack the ambition to achieve anything meaningful with their lives. Frustrated by their personal stagnation and lack of creative drive, they lash out at those who dare to achieve more.

The evidence lies before you for your examination. Part one of approximately twenty videos has already been made available for public viewing. You can see with your own eyes how serious I am about this project. I have taken the concept of the dunk mix, a lowly art form, and expanded it, elevated it, into something more. It’s more important, it’s more comprehensive, it’s more insightful, it’s more entertaining, it simply is more.

The following statement is made with no trace of irony: this video represents the greatest single achievement in the YouTube highlight video realm since the format was introduced over a decade ago.

Disbelievers, doubters, and other assorted simpletons are welcome to depart from this page without viewing the video. In fact, they are encouraged not to view it. Art of this magnitude should only be seen by those whose minds are open enough to appreciate it.

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