Aaron Harrison Career High 13 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

Aaron Harrison made as many shots tonight as he did in the first two seasons of his career combined. If that sentence didn’t convince you to watch this video, then you are beyond help. Go watch some Kobe highlights or something.

Harrison has made a few more shots this year with the Mavericks (up to 13 now!), but only because he’s getting lots of unearned playing time as the Mavericks endeavor to draft Luka Doncic. His shooting percentages are horrible, and he’s not really proving anything other than that he can run around and pretend to be an NBA player. He played 41 minutes tonight, and this was what he could manage, along with two crappy (I checked just to make sure) assists.

It must suck to be him right now. His twin brother is both way better as an NBA player, and way better looking than he is. He must feel defective, like he’s fundamentally broken in a way that his brother isn’t. And maybe he is. I haven’t seen much evidence to the contrary.

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