Stanley Johnson 19 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

Stanley Johnson has been effective in his last two games, scoring 17 points (and completely dominating Demarre Carroll) in the last one against Brooklyn before scoring 19 points (and completely dominating Marco Belinelli) in this one. As of now, April is shaping up to be a way better month for Johnson than March was; in the month of March, he shot 33% from the field and averaged 6.6 points per game. Now that the Pistons are out of the playoffs and the pressure to win has lessened slightly, it will be interesting to see whether Johnson will be given the reins to finish out the season or even scrubbier scrubs will be given their chance (can we bring back Michael Gbinije?)

I see on Johnson’s basketball-reference that one of his nicknames is “Showtime”. Considering his underwhelming scoring skill in the NBA up to this point, is this or is this not the saddest thing ever? This time of year already makes me sad because spring reminds me of Jennifer, but now I’m really down in the dumps. His nickname is Showtime. Man. That one cuts deep.

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