Allen Crabbe 25 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2018)

I would be mad about the pair of end-of-shot-clock threes that Allen “Crabbe Festival” Crabbe hit in crunch time, but the Bucks really did not deserve to win this game. In fact, I’m happier that he did hit those threes. There needs to be sadness in Milwaukee tonight. Sadness over the fact that they literally look the same no matter who their opponent is.

Luckily for the Bucks, there aren’t any bad teams waiting for them in the playoffs, so there won’t be any letdowns. And luckily for the Nets, there, uh… they’re not in danger of relocating any time soon! Also they played really well tonight! Even Timofey Mozgov got in the spirit of the moment and stepped on the court without immediately dying.

This is the kind of game that justifies Crabbe’s huge contract, at least, depending on the monetary value you place on a win. Crabbe won the game for the Nets, how much would you pay for that win? Crabbe is making 19 million this year, so if you said “I’d pay 20 million dollars for a single win for my favorite basketball team”, then his contract is totally worth it. Even more of a bargain if you consider this is, like, the second time he’s won a game for them.

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