Khris Middleton 31 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2018)

The only thing keeping me tuned into the Bucks this season is Khris Middleton’s chase to be a top-10 free-throw shooter this season. After tonight’s 11-for-11 performance, I think he’s right on the cusp. Really close. He’s done this before, and if he doesn’t miss another one for the rest of the regular season, he’ll be a shoo-in.

Everything else that the Bucks are doing is meaningless to me. Just random movements and occurrences before they get swept in 5 by the Raptors. It was supposed to be different this year, but here they are, back at the 8th seed again. The place where no teams wants to be, way too good to tank, way too bad to even think about winning a playoff series.

At least we have Middleton and his sweet free-throw shooting as a flickering light in this miserable darkness.

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