Frank Kaminsky 21 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Frank “The Clank” Kaminsky is rocking a headband which I have not noticed previously. White guys with headbands get me thinking…can you guess what it is that I’m thinking about? Hint: it’s not food and it’s not Jennifer.

That’s right: I’m thinking about how rad Kaminsky would look if he had long hair constrained in a headband like he’s the American answer to Walter Herrmann! His hair wouldn’t be quite as straight or quite as blonde, but he would look absolutely 100% rad as all heck if he had curly shoulder-length hair flying behind him at all times. It would actually take his goofy face and make it look cool rather than dorky.

I understand that the city of Charlotte might be hesitant to embrace Kaminsky’s new do given their troubled history with long-haired white dudes (Specer Hawes, Adam Morrison, the aforemention Herrmann), but I urge them to approach the issue with an open mind: Kaminsky is probably better than all those dudes, so he deserves a shot at this.

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