MarShon Brooks 23 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

This is kind of a disappointing game by MarShon “Mar$wag” Brooks; he had previously increased his point total in each successive game he played with the Grizzlies, but now he’s dipped down to 23 from the 25 he had previously.

Other than that slight nitpick, this was another “vintage” Brooks performance that will live on forever of the minds of people who are constantly wondering why “so-and-so great scorer” isn’t in the league. These continued astounding scoring exhibitions are vindication for all the mid-sized shot-happy chuckers currently inhabiting various foreign leagues. I’m expecting Jimmer to come over next season and score 15 a game now. Him and Russ Smith.

Brooks just signed a contract for the rest of this year and next. Unlike most of the two-year contracts signed at around this time by recently expired 10-dayers, the second year on this one is fully guaranteed. Way to go! Keep earning dem checks or whatever. I’m not convinced that the Grizzlies will especially enjoy his one-on-one iso chucking when exposed to it for a full season, but who knows. That play style kind of died out for a bit, but now it’s coming back, and it’s funner than I remember.

ALMOST FORGOT: major shoutout to Brooks for keeping the tank alive with a horrible inbounds turnover down 1 with a second left. Why risk the game by attempting an actual shot? He knows what’s at stake.

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