Evan Turner 18 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

While the 76ers are finally doing good with their young core, let us not forget that Evan Turner was supposed to be part of that core. I’m stretching things a little bit, because he was drafted in 2010, and the intervening years would’ve been a long time to keep him around, but they didn’t draft him 2nd overall so he could get traded for a soon-to-be-waived Danny Granger. He was supposed to be good, he was supposed to be a piece in their puzzle, but he just sucked.

He wasn’t unplayably bad, just like now, but that’s not really cutting it when you’re supposed to be a stud. He looked so good in college! What happened?

Then he somehow got paid, which still baffles me, and now he gets to make the playoffs playing something of a role with the Blazers. I don’t really hear much about this dude anymore (leaving Boston hurt his national visibility, that and also sucking), so I don’t know if Blazers fans like him or not. Certainly they don’t like his contract, but ignoring that, do they think he’s good? If you’re a Blazer fan, please chime in, because I will refrain from calling him the b-word if enough Portland people come to his defense.

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