Tyrone Wallace 18 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

Poor Ralph Lawler. He sounded like he wanted to curl up into a ball and cry as the Clippers got eliminated from playoff contention. He had to deal with a lot of bad Clippers basketball, and then they got really good all of a sudden, and he was so happy, his “bingo!”s full of life and vitality, but now he speaks as a man mourning his wife, taken too soon from this world. The Nuggets should be ashamed, treating an old man like this. Where is their sense of respect?

Lawler did manage to choke out that Tyrone Wallace had 18 points and played well before going completely silent for the rest of the broadcast, save for an occasional gasping sob. A true professional to the end. Maybe next year, with some reshuffling of talent and improvement from within, the Clippers can make their way back to the promised land. Until then, may Lawler ease his troubled mind with memories of Paul/Griffin pick-and-rolls and Redick threes.

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