Taurean Prince 33 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

If I could choose one player currently active for the Hawks to score 33 points, Taurean Prince would be my last choice at this point. This is his 5th 30-point game. It’s amazing and probably one of the most underrated storylines of the year that he’s able to score this well, but it’s not getting me excited anymore. Now, if Josh Magette scored 30, I’d probably have a stroke and die because of how excited I was.

Another factor that hurts Prince in my eyes is that his face reminds me of how much the Bucks overpaid Tony Snell.

The Hawks must have seen this in him when they drafted him, but they were probably the only ones. I don’t think I detected anything at all during his rookie-season that indicated he was capable of this kind of scoring outburst, but now he’s come out and done it, no problem. He still has problems with consistency, but he is pretty much a core piece for the Hawks right now. I don’t know how many other core pieces they have, maybe Schroder, so maybe they need to work on restocking the cupboards. These tanking lineups are fun, but I don’t think the actual fans in the actual arena necessarily share my opinion.

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