Johnathan Motley 21 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

There are still a bunch of games left tomorrow before the season ends, but I think this one will retain the mantle of “scrubbiest NBA game 2017-18”. Who was the best player who appeared on the court? Dwight Powell was the only non-1st-or-2nd-year player for the Mavericks tonight, except for Aaron Harrison, who doesn’t really count. The Suns had… Alex Len? Jared Dudley was definitely the veteran-est player on the court, but the best? Maybe Yogi Ferrell, I don’t know.

That all means that, of course, I’m having the time of my life over here. This is what I live for; whole squads of players who could easily be in the G-League and no one would be particularly mad about it. But they’re not in the G-League, they’re in the N-B-frickin’-A, the big boy leagues, and they’re doing things.

Johnathan Motley already proved he could do things when he scored 26 two games ago. That was a sick performance, so sick that the Mavs commentators were hardly excited at all for him scoring 21 tonight. Like they’ve seen it before and want someone else to step up. Alec Peters for the Suns stepped up, so they talked about him instead. Lame. I want you guys showering praise on one of your promising young talents, dammit!

Well, I thought this was impressive. Definitely something to build on for next year, for whatever team sees all his highlights from the end of this year and decides they need to sign him to a big deal. I’m thinking Hawks. Hawks or Kings. Let’s simplify things: what team wouldn’t want the wildest-looking man in the league?

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