Luke Kennard Career High 23 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

Luke Kennard may have had a slightly disappointing rookie season, but there are lots of reasons to be high on him going forward.

-J.J. Redick resemblance is strong
-And I’m pretty sure he was better than J.J. Redick was in his rookie season
-Can hit threes at a better than 40 percent clip
-Looks like Peyton Manning, who was really good at footballing at shilling for Papa John’s (better ingredients better pizza papa johns)
-Can’t Van Coach won’t be able to hold him down anymore after he gets fired
-Look at that smile
-PG of the future????? perhaps
-I meant “point guard”, not “Paul George”, but that works too
-Chemistry with Eric Moreland
-Anthony Tolliver likes what he sees, and who are you not to trust the judgment of an NBA player?
-Scored 23 tonight, which is a legit amount of points

I’m betting this guy will be a very decent player next year, but my optimism does not extend to the Pistons as a whole. I don’t even know what’s going on over there, what their plan for the future is, other than watch Blake Griffin get worse and worse even as he keeps getting paid 20 bajillion dollars per year.

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