Marco Belinelli 25 Points Full Highlights (4/14/2018)

More ridiculous shots for Marco Belinelli. There’s some players who making a living off of never ever shooting a standstill catch-and-shoot jumper, and he’s definitely one of them. In Atlanta he was regarded (by me, I don’t think anyone else noticed his existence) a chucky chuckmaster who needed to chill out; now he’s a key midseason acquisition for the hottest team in the East.

There’s no way that his percentages are sustainable at all (over 60 percent on twos with the 76ers compared to a career average of 47 percent), but who cares? Eventually he’ll go cold, and then he’ll basically be unplayable, but for now, keep giving him the ball like he’s J.J. Redick with even less of a filter on his shots.

That Ben Simmons triple-double streak probably wouldn’t exist without this dude, just saying. He needs to write him a thank you note and send him a gift basket after he wins ROY.

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