Khris Middleton 31 Points/6 Assists/1 Buzzer-Beater Full Highlights (4/15/2018)

YES! Now everyone out there watching playoff basketball who maybe for some reason didn’t know how much of a BEAST Khris Middleton is can see for themselves that he is basically unstoppable. He averaged 20 a game this season, but no one cared, but now people will be COMPELLED to care against their will! Khash Money Deuces is in the house, Khris Midrangedleton, the league is on NOTICE.

What the heck are defenders supposed to do about that little turnaround midrange jimbo? He was abusing everyone on the Celtics with it today. The only defense against it is to let him do it so much that other Bucks players get jealous and stop giving him the ball. That is literally not even that far from the truth, my friends, and I’ve seen almost every Bucks game this season.

Oh, and if he wants, he can extend his range all the way out to THIRTY-FIVE feet and bury teams from out there too. 0.5 seconds left, down by three? Not even a problem. I literally don’t think he even cared. He just went out there, hit the shot, and told his old buddy Greg Monroe to sit down and shut the hell up.

Then the Bucks lost in OT, and he didn’t score, but I don’t even care. The Bucks have totally got this, as long as they replace Bledsoe with Brogdon and tell Jabari that he can’t think about his next contract until the playoffs are over.

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