Jaylen Brown 30 Points Full Highlights (4/17/2018)

That final banked in Jaylen Brown three didn’t even make me mad. I have transcended such simple human emotions as “anger”. I am now capable of watching any basketball game as a fully neutral observer, my mind unclouded by primitive tribalistic feelings. This is a good development for me, because if I had to watch the Bucks get swept in my prior mental state, I’d probably gnaw on my arm until it fell off.

Another benefit is that I can now fully appreciate Brown going nuts for an almost-career-high 30 points. No resentment, no “salt”. He was a beast tonight, a bit of a chucker beast, but that’s still beast enough for me. And why wouldn’t he shoot it every chance he got with the way things were going for him? He was making all sorts of shots, unlike last time he went nuts where it was mostly threes (and mostly in the first quarter). This was a complete, sustained, dominant effort on offense.

I admit, I didn’t see him getting this good this quickly after last season. He’s still a bit inconsistent, but I was, no lie, getting Justise Winslow vibes from him. Yeah, I know. The Celtics COULD almost have had Winslow as well! Now wouldn’t that be the sickest thing ever.

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