Justise Winslow 19 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (4/19/2018)

The Miami Heat got a season-high’s worth of points from Justise Winslow in the first half and still lost. That’s 19 free, unexpected, no-strings-attached points, but with him scoring his usual zero in the second half, they ended up getting crushed. Winslow, for his part, contributed in other ways, like purposefully crushing Joel Embiid’s specially-constructed mask underneath his foot and then trying to break it with his hands (is that a fine it definitely seems like it should be a fine) and sickly blocking two separate dunk attempts, but without those precious three and free-throws, the Heat were lost.

Winslow really did all he could, but other people need to step up. I know what you’re thinking: “Dee Tee Bee is going to say Luke Babbitt now even though that guy obviously sucks”. Ha! You’re wrong. I fully accept that Babbitt is not good and helps the team most by clapping dutifully after made shots by his more talented teammates.

Who I’m really thinking should step up is Wayne Ellington. Three points? That’s it? He scored 32 in the season finale, but it looks like it’s going to take him a whole 7-game series to reach that point total in the ‘offs (that’s short for “playoffs” you dumbnut). And I’m not even going to mention Hassan Whiteside. Not even going to go there.

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