Derrick Rose 17 Points Full Highlights (4/23/2018)

I wonder which team is going to give Derrick Rose a contract based on this little run of good play here in the playoffs. There’s no question that someone will at this point, because he’s been legitimately legit three out of the four games so far, but who will pull the trigger?

-Chicago Bulls. This is obvious. They don’t have much going on right now, next year will probably be pretty dismal in terms of wins, so why not create some buzz by having Rose make a triumphant return to the team where he was MVP? Everyone likes a feel-good story.

-Boston Celtics. Rose would bolster their bench or something. I don’t know.

-Orlando Magic. Sort of the same idea as the Bulls. The Magic need to actually be bad for once, like going into the season thinking things are going to suck instead of having false playoff hope. Rose commits them to the tank. Play him 35 minutes a game, tell him not to jump too much lest his knees explode again, and he can probably put up some nice numbers while throwing lobs to Aaron Gordon. Maybe the other way around too? Whoa.

-Milwaukee Bucks. That would be such a Bucks move, and would probably be the thing that made me stop watching them forever. Rose is cool on teams that aren’t mine. I imagine he would become a lot less cool very quickly in a Bucks uni.

-Minnesota Timberwolves. Most likely outcome, since Thibs loves him and I think he’s endeared himself to every single Minnesotan except for Aaron Brooks. Only problem is, Thibs would probably kill him again with too many minutes. I still have flashbacks.

-Virginia Beach Sandstorms. What better way to generate hype for your inaugural season than to sign Rose, who still has a lot of brand recognition? You’d be seeing the ‘Storm’s tan and white jerseys everywhere, all over the country. Adidas would put out some new ads showing him shooting buckets in an empty, dimly lit gym and he’d be wearing his Virginia Beach swag and I can’t think of anything cooler.

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