Jordan Crawford 14 Points Full Highlights (4/28/2018)

In true Jordan Crawford fashion, Jordan Crawford came into this game with eight minutes left and turned an embarrassing blowout loss into a slightly less embarrassing blowout loss by scoring fourteen points in eight minutes of action. This is reminiscent of my now-deleted video of James Jones scoring eleven points in two minutes for the Heat back in the 2014 Finals, except that one was way better. If Crawford could score eleven points every two minutes, he would have had 44 in this game. Taken in that context, Crawford’s scoring outburst kinda sucked from a rate perspective.

The other notable thing about Crawford’s game was that it was totally a REVENGE GAME. Crawford spent one season with the Warriors (that was the year he dropped 41 in the final game, the beast was truly unleashed that day), and now he’s showing those same Warriors fools how he could easily end their Finals aspirations right now if only Gentry would give him some damn minutes. Speaking of minutes, you might think that Crawford earned some more of them with the way he played, but he’ll probably be a DNP-CD next game because all he does is chuck shots. Just watch this video. He just isos until he gets a shot. Anthony Davis would get, like, a maximum of five touches all game if Crawford played the whole 48.

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