Darren Collison 23 Points Full Highlights (4/29/2018)

The regular season ended with Darren Collison being the three-point percentage leader (for the whole league, not just the Pacers, but the WHOLE LEAGUE) and I don’t think anyone noticed. Reggie Bullock was second, and even I didn’t notice. Aren’t we in a golden age of three-point shooting? So why are all the best three-bombers anonymous role-players?

Anyway, Collison escaped detection because he was already one of the least noticed players in the whole league, and people only superficially care about the Pacers right now, not enough to notice their rolier role-players. And he doesn’t fit the profile of “elite sharpshooter” due to his forced-looking form and small stature.

Now the irregular season (that’s what I’m calling the playoffs now, attention bloggers, if you want to use my phrase it’s 25 dollars per use) has ended for the Pacers with Collison being their second-leading scorer in the final game. He showed up in the first half, surprising everyone by hitting shots, then he stopped shooting and stopped scoring in the second half. The Pacers could’ve used some more of his magic, but they didn’t get it, and now they’re going home while NoDefense SuckBalls (check out his defense on Collison at 1:22 for some laughs) gets to go on to the second round.

I was really rooting for the Pacers in this one, too. Oh well. It’s probably better this way, because it means the Raptors have an even greater chance of being eliminated before the ECF.

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