Terry Rozier 29 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (4/30/2018)

Terry Rozier: greatest story of the 2018 playoffs? Yes. Unequivocally. He’s playing great, leading his team to key wins, and he’s STILL throwing shots at Eric Bledsoe while that dude sits on his couch and eats ice cream. What’s that phrase that the young kids say? “No Chill”? I don’t know if that describes Rozier, because I don’t know what it means, but I bet it does.

Doing things against the Bucks is one thing. Their problems are numerous and well-documented. Any competent backup PG should score 20 points easily against them. The 76ers, however, are a different beast. They have Robert Covington who can, theoretically, stop him. If he’s not busy trying to stop Jayson Tatum or (eventually) Jaylen Brown. Plus, they’re way better coached than Milwaukee, and they have the ability to make Rozier really work on defense.

I wrote that whole paragraph out for some reason, even though it’s plain that the 76ers either didn’t have the desire or didn’t have the ability to slow him down at all. I was imagining this to be an easy series for Philly, but with the Celtics’ new big three (Rozier, Tatum, and Horford (to be replaced by Brown when he returns), and the power of the home crowd, this outcome of this contest was hardly in doubt.

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