OG Anunoby 18 Points Full Highlights (5/5/2018)

OG Anunoby is probably going to be remembered more for getting toasted by LeBron James on the game-winning shot than he is for his clutch three-pointer with eight seconds remaining, but that’s how things go. History is written by the victors, and in this situation, LeBronto was absolutely the victor and Anunoby was the loser.

It’s times like these were I like to engage in my favorite pastime: locating online communities of the losing team’s fans and reposting their dismayed, over-reactive comments at the outcome of the game. Let’s do this thing!

“If we can trade derozan or not have him featured as our franchise player anymore, then this was all worth it.”

“DeTrash needs to go.”

“OG OG OG. He’s the only player I want to see on this team next year.”

“Trade DeMar for picks/prospects”

“The good news is this game shows 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT that the Raptors can win WITHOUT Demar”

“Well guys I think I might have to say my farewell, im never one to overreact to losses but I think this is the nail in the coffin.”

“get rid of DD. Not because he has these stinking games. But because he doesnt give a crap about the team.”

“how many years do we have to watch DeSlug choke in the playoffs before we finally kick him to the curb like the useless slug he is?”

“Oh well, bring out the brooms. As proven by history… Our team don’t have what it takes to not get swept.”

“I can’t wait for arguments of DD fan boy club this time! The only good thing after this sweep is THE FRAUD IS FULLY EXPOSED!”

“OG played with heart, tenacity and smarts. Pretty much everything that we keep hoping Demar will do, but he rarely ever does. OG is the kind of player you can build around, not Demar”

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